Turner Tech HS

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William H. Turner
Technical Arts High School

10151 NW 19 Ave
Miami, FL 33147
Phone: (305) 691-8324
Fax: (305) 693-9463



Academy of Criminal Justice (CJ)

Academy of Entertainment Technology (AET)

Academy of Business
and Finance


Academy of Information Technology

Academy of Medical Science

Urban Construction Management Technology & Urban Planning Architecture

Academy of Veterinary Science & Agricultural Technology

About Our School

Turner Tech is one of the first high schools to separate each job criteria in different branches. The academies are Criminal Justice (CJ), Entertainment Technology (AET), Business and Finance (ABF), Information Technology (AOIT), Medical Sciences (AMS), Urban Construction Management Technology & Urban Planning Architecture (UCAT), and Veterinary Science & Agricultural Technology (VSAT).

The academic course is integrated into the career major the student has chosen. Students chose a career academy when they enter the school during their freshman year. By successfully completing a sequence of technical courses, they gain certification(s) in one or more related careers.

All students assemble an active career portfolio, which includes examples of their individual work. Under each of the academies, students participate in a mass amount of hands-on experiences in actual workplaces and school-based interests.


To equip our students with academic and professional expertise necessary for success in a global society.

Mission Statement

To work collaboratively with all stakeholders to provide a rigorous curriculum that leads to high school graduation, college readiness, and industry certification for all students.



(clockwise, from upper left: Mr. Papp, Mr. Mantilla, Ms. Hall, Ms. Hunter, Ms. Black)

Lavette S. Hunter, Principal
Sophia Hall, Vice Principal, Adult Education
Ernesto Mantilla, Vice Principal
Stephen E. Papp, Assistant Principal
Keneatta L. Black, Assistant Principal


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School Improvement Plan

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