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Academy of Veterinary Science & Agricultural Technology

Academy of

Veterinary Science & Agricultural Technology


National Career Academy Coalition Model

Mission Statement

The Agriscience Academy will use animal, plant and environmental science integrated with subject area competencies to provide a course of study that will be academically challenging and rich in application. The academy focuses on applied technology to assure that all students achieve at their highest potential.

Academy Goal

The goal of the Academy of Veterinary Science & Agricultural Technology at William H. Turner Technical Arts High school is to prepare and guide students toward a worthwhile career. The program focuses on learning by working with and raising animals, developing an aquaculture program, using various methods to grow plants including hydroponics, tissue culture and hydro-stacks and continue to explore new concepts in plant and veterinary science using new innovative approaches to hands-on laboratory learning. Public speaking, field trips, local and state competition are also very important part of Turner Tech’s Academy of Veterinary Science & Agricultural Technology.

Agriscience Career Paths

Animal Scientist
Plant Scientist
Soil Scientist
Environmental Scientist
Water Quality Specialist
Food Scientist
Plant Pathologist
Aquaculture Specialist
Agriscience Teacher
Natural Resources
Landscape Architect Specialist
Extension Agent
Marketing Specialist
Natural Resource manager
Environmental Regulator
Environmental Engineer
Federal and State Government
Forest Resource & Conservation
Life Science
U.S. Forest Service

Environmental Resources

Career Opportunities

The Environmental Resources leads to a Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Science degree or Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) at major universities.

William H. Turner Technical Arts High School graduates can be employed in the greenhouse and nursery industry. Among the choices are jobs involved in sales and marketing at garden centers, landscape specialist gardeners, groundskeepers and landscape gardener, research assistant, plant propagator, laboratory assistant. The agribusiness industry also involves federal, local and state agencies that will employ graduates at entry-level positions. Graduates can also start their own business.

Veterinary Assisting

Career Opportunities

The Veterinary Assisting Program leads to an Associate degree in Veterinary Science from a community or technical college. Our students can obtain a Bachelors degree, Masters Degree or Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Veterinary Science at major universities. Students can also pursue a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

William H. Turner Technical Arts High School graduates can be employed in the pet stores and with other private or governmental organizations as an animal caretaker. They can work with zoo animals, wildlife, or assist the Veterinarian as a veterinary assistant. There are also entry-level positions in federal, state and local governments that employ individual with veterinary assisting skills.

Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO)

The National FFA Organization is the CTSO that provides leadership and training. The Organization affirms its belief in the value of all human beings and seeks diversity in its membership, leadership, and staff.

For more information on the Academy Club please visit our FFA chapter website.